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Feeling more confident

World renowned social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, delivers one of the most powerful and viewed Ted Talks, detailing physiology and how one can harness it to boost confidence and overall performance.

7/11 Breathing Techinique instructions

When you breath in you activate the sympathetic nervous response (fight/flight) when you breath out you activate the parasympathetic response (rest/digest/social connection/flow).  This exercise, if done regularly is so good for improving your vagal tone.

Falling Asleep Fast

Waking during the night is a normal, we all move in and out of consciousness every night, usually without realising.  Ask me about many other ways to fall asleep fast or get back to sleep when you awake during the night. 

The Original Selective Attention Test

"We notice what we notice and we don't notice what we don't notice"   Our brain is looking to prove us right and when we are running anxiety or depression we are looking out for the negative and completely overlooking all the good.   This short clip is the perfect example of how we find what we are looking for and other things just don't register. 

The Physiological Sigh 

Neurobiologist Andrew Huberman demonstrates how to use this tool and explains the science behind why it works so well in regulating mood.

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