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Reduce anxiety and stress. Cultivate calm and personal agency through hypnotherapy and EMDR.

Feel more in control of your decisions, improving the quality of your life.

“Hello, I’m Janie, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Strategic Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner”

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Do you feel anxious and/or stressed? Do you want to feel in control and gain a sense of capableness and agency? Where you can see problems/obstacles as challenges that you can confidently overcome.

Do you want to break an unhelpful habit (from trying to avoid the feeling of anxiety) and create better habits and lead a healthier life?

Are you looking to create more confidence and elevate self-esteem?

Everyone can benefit from hypnosis. Whether you need to beat a habit, reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem or start performing at your best, I can help and we’ll aim to have you seeing major improvements in no time. What are you waiting for? Book your first appointment today.

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Client Testimonials

Alison from Melbourne - Medical Scientist

"In my line of work I was being asked to give oral presentations.  I felt that I was being held back professionally because of my fear and increasing anxiety around public speaking.  Since working on this with Janie I have felt a huge shift and it is now no longer an issue for me."

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Most people find hypnosis highly pleasurable and often report wishing they could stay in the hypnotic state longer! Everyone has a slightly different experience but we all go into natural hypnotic states regularly, so you already know what it feels like for you. These natural hypnotic states occur just before you fall asleep at night or when you're doing something so routine or so engrossing that your conscious brain is able to switch off and filter out the outside world.


Yes. You are able to benefit from hypnosis even if you do not enter a deep trance. Some people experience feeling "far away" whereas others remain closer to the surface of consciousness, but this has no impact on the outcomes. It is common for people to think that they are too strong-minded to be hypnotised but hypnotic states are a completely normal part of life and can be induced in everyone.


As your hypnotherapist, I will guide you but you are always the one in control, just as a navigator suggests the route but doesn't control the vehicle. If I suggest a path you dislike, you can avoid it. Hypnosis is never mind control.


Hypnosis is the vehicle by which the therapy is delivered. Using a hypnotic state enables change and progress to be made more quickly as you can bypass thought patterns and behaviours that keep people stuck.


Strategic psychotherapy is also known as brief therapy. It's about listening to the use of language and analysing it to discover cognitive distortions and then addressing these while in a hypnotic state. I also use targeted questions that enable people to make discoveries and come to realisations. I help you harness your latent resources and build skills that enable you to overcome the challenges you're facing. 


Generally three to six sessions per issue. Often people have been grappling with issues for a long time, so it can take more than one session to address. Many people report feeling such improvement after the first session that they don't think they need further sessions, but for the change to be long-lasting, it's important to spend the time. I need to ensure you are not only feeling better but doing better.   Some people enjoy the sessions and the benefits so much that they choose to keep coming every so often as a form of self care like having a massage for the mind.


When we experience traumatic and negative life events, sometimes the fear response can scramble the memory processing.  The events are not processed properly and not stored in the part of the brain that holds our past memories.  We can be then triggered and re-experience that trauma in the present.  These memories/images will have painful emotions attached to them and keep affecting our lives and we form negative beliefs about ourselves in relation to the incident such as “I’m not safe” or “I’m not worthy”.   EMDR can help to process the memories,  past events can be put in the past, we won’t forget the image completely but it will be harder to access and the discomfort of emotions and bodily sensations will be eased. Integrating the memory into the nervous system, so it feels like it's something that happened long ago.  We can see the event from a different perspective and form new beliefs about ourselves. EMDR is a relatively new form of psychotherapy developed in the late 1980’s.  There has been a lot of research on EMDR therapy and it's now recognized as an effective form of treatment for trauma and PTSD by the World Health Organization. 


Some Private Health Insurance Funds will reimburse Hypnotherapy consultations.  The hypnotherapist will usually need to be a member of one of the Associations such as the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists association) or the GOAH (Guild of Australian 
Hypnotherapists).  I just so happen to be a member of both of these so it's your lucky day.  ;-)

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